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We love food around here, write about Recipes, Nutritional Facts, Science, Supplements, etc. 

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Ayurevda is what we live by, and you can’t have Ayurveda without Yoga! This category is also open to holistic fitness in general.

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  • Ayurveda, anything related!
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  • Fitness or Yoga routines
  • Food, Recipes, Nutrition Facts
  • Exercise Science & Bodywork
  • Outdoors & Nature of any kind
  • Therapy of any kind: Music, Art, Psychological, etc
  • How to's, Guides, and Lists


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Sami Sattva

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Hi there, I’m Sami – the Founder of Mindful Hellos. (That’s me in the photo). I created this hub because I’m passionate about making health and wellness comprehensive for the modern day person. I’m well educated in these fields and I want to share this space with you. 

I live in Portland, Oregon and I’m also the Managing Partner & Creative Director at Lambda Lion, a Creative Branding & marketing agency. Another business I CoFounded.
Find me on Instagram and say hello!