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I'm Sami - A multimedia producer, storyteller, & blogger.

Speaking creativity since 1985.

My main focus of work provides creative development for small businesses & artists. Mostly within the fields of Wellness, Outdoors, Music & Entertainment.
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Feeling Stressed Out? Try This Eco-therapy Technique Today

Eco Therapy Nature Bathing for stress relief Shinrin Yoku Feeling a little run down? Feeling like work, personal relationships, day to day pressures are all squishing your brain and making the vein on your forehead pulse just a little too hard? Ecotherapy could be the solution for you. The term is used to describe many different therapies, activities and treatments programs that are based outside, in nature. It is actively endorsed by UK charity MIND and even the Japanese and Korean governments where it is labeled ‘forest bathing’ or Shinrin Yoku. What is ecotherapy? It is thought that making a connection with nature in this way has several crucial health benefits. After all, we are all deeply connected with nature and getting outside in the elements is the most simple way of connecting with our earliest needs, desires, and distractions. It’s suggested to help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression; while it can also help to prevent future episodes of those issues occurring. Ecotherapy could be something as simple as taking a walk in the local park and letting the sunshine warm your face, or it could be something as extensive as den making and outdoor craft courses. Even psychologists are being taught ecotherapy practices now as a useful supplement to talking therapies.

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful and Minimal

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR THE MINDFUL AND MINIMAL FALL / WINTER 2017 ABOUT THE ITEMS I wanted this guide to represent a lifestyle as opposed to just “things” to buy. I prefer not to just “collect” things for no rhyme or reason so I tend to keep things slightly minimal! I prefer to welcome the things that are the opposite of “one-time purpose” sort of thing as well. These items listed below are those that create an “experience”, or add to one, at minimum.  I have chosen some of my favorite things to use on a daily basis, and I hope that it might connect with you too! I genuinely admire these companies and what they create, stand for, and their mindfulness in the process.  Happy Holidays, my friends. I encourage each and every one of you to click on the images, meander through to their websites, and have a looksie around this page. There’s lots of details! Namaste  KEEP SCROLLING FEATURED BRANDS SIVANA SPIRIT sivanaspirit.com I absolutely love this brand! Sivana is a small, family-owned and operated mindful lifestyle business. They focus on jewelry, clothing, and gifts for the spiritual minded folks; Even items for the home!  My top favs from Sivana are the 2 tier Om Necklace with quartz crystals, the Ikat Raksha

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This is Your Brain On Nature: Blue Ocean Retreat in Neskowin, Oregon 2017

  SELF DEVELOPMENT   SELF NOURISHMENT • OREGON COAST Oh, that beautiful calming effect of the ocean. It’s hard to say there’s anything like it. Many people contest to it saving their sanity. Let’s be honest, have you ever come back from a day at the beach saying “OMG it was a horrible time! I am more stressed than I was before”?  Most likely not.  Going to the ocean relieves stress The salt water heals wounds, both physical and mental Exercising at the coast, or on the beach, is a much more mindful experience Connect with yourself and spirit – you don’t need to be religious for this one!   Okay, that’s enough of the ocean benefits let us talk about the rest of the details of this retreat, what it offers and how you can find Mindful Hellos there! WHO IS LEADING THE BLUE OCEAN RETREAT? •The founder of Forest and Field, Baley River: @forestandfield + @bailey.patrice.river Co-Hosts: •Carissa Pereira (Nutritionist) @jollygreennutrition, & •Rochelle Tyler (Yoga Instructor): @rochellefaye.yoga   WHERE: A cozy Beach House in Neskowin, OR WHEN: November 17th-19th (4:30 pm Arrival. 11 am Departure) INVESTMENT: $325 (all meals/drinks included) $100 deposit available to hold your spot! The rest owed day of!! SPACES AVAILABLE: Only 12! Get your spot, sooner than later!  WHAT YOU

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a fundraiser that saves you time and money via @mindfulsami

A Fundraising Idea That Saves You Time and Money – Here’s How:

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap]A Fundraising Idea That Saves You Money and Time … but how you ask? Whether it be for Back to School reasons, disaster relief, animal rescue, recreational participation, just enthusiastically advocating for an organization of your choice. Stop selling the junk foods and encourage your family, friends, and audience to purchase Gift Cards from retailers that they’re actually already shopping at! It sounds like the newest modern strategy, but Scrip, the great no-selling alternative to traditional fundraising, has indeed been doing just that since 1994. Essentially, Scrip allows you to buy gift cards to your everyday retailers and as part of the fundraising, they give back a 4% rebate to an organization of your choice.    Anybody can setup fundraisers, but fundraising takes time – especially if it’s door to door. Who really has time for that?   Bake sales are fun, and so are community events, but again – this is time needed that not everyone can afford to devote.   Scrip allows you to fundraise all year long just by purchasing gift cards on essentials like gas and groceries.  Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash I WAS ONCE THAT GIRL …  I’m writing this blog because I was once a young girl selling goods door to door for my school, recreational sports, and

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The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea via @mindfulsami #blogger

The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that typically produces red marks, acne or pustules on the face. The most affected areas of the skin that become red are the nose, cheeks, and the forehead. In this article, I will share with you how to mitigate the discomfort with these best essential oils for rosacea. What causes Rosacea? Genetic factors or environmental factors are the primary cause of rosacea. Alcohol, hot beverages, and certain foods do not cause disease but can make the condition worse. Unprotected exposure to the sunlight, stress, and corticosteroid medications can also make it worse.   Who is usually at risk? Rosacea can occur in anyone. However, the most common illness is found in middle-aged women, individuals with light skin and Scandinavian people are more likely to have redness. The disorder can be treated but usually cannot be healed completely. Unfortunately, you are at risk for rosacea if someone in your family has the condition.   What are the signs and symptoms of Rosacea? Signs and symptoms of rosacea can develop over a period of weeks to months and then decrease. Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, allergies or other skin problems. If not treated early, rosacea tends to increase over time. Facial redness: Many people with

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