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The Yoga and Beer Tour! Happening Now.

June 28, 2016.Sami Sattva.0 Likes.6 Comments
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The Beer yogi’s … are at it again!

#Yoga and #Beer tour by The Beer Yogi's! Read more #blogger @mindfulsami

click the image to go straight to the Yoga and Beer Tour!

[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap] Say what, Sami? I know. It’s a new concept to me as well, by Mikki Trowbridge and Melissa KlimoI absolutely love it! I first discovered this tour a couple of weeks ago during my first weekend as an Oregon resident, Dining at the Oregon Coast sipping on a peach cream ale at The Pelican Brewery. I uploaded this photo to Instagram and instantly got a comment from Mikki’s husband @Mands_On saying they were in town. Coincidentally they happened to be at the same restaurant on the patio! 

After dinner, we joined them for another brew where I learned more about the SUP YOGA session the next morning at Nestucca Adventures. I couldn’t resist it, I signed up immediately jolly as all hell there was an opening last minute. It was the perfect opening to my new journey in Oregon.

#Yoga and #Beer tour with The Beer Yogi's! Read more here #blogger @MindfulSami

Side note: This was actually my first time doing SUP YOGA after much admiration for 2 years when I saw it on the water in Maui. Being a former dancer helped tremendously because I didn’t fall in and actually felt stable. Lots of core stability needed for this activity.

What is the yoga and beer tour?


A screenshot from their website, click the image to learn more on their website!

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap] The tour extends across various cities in the United States starting on June 29th. They’re the last leg of their road trip right now and have been sharing it on Instagram! ⇐ Click that to go to Mikki’s Insta! This July Melissa and Mikki are taking to the road to gather Beer Yogis from Cleveland, to NYC, to St. Louis, to Phoenix, to San Diego to Eugene and a number of places in between. Click here for a list of Event Dates!

#Yoga and #Beer tour by #TheBeerYogis! #blogger @mindfulsami

click the image for the Beer Yogi’s website!

[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap] I’m stoked for them to end their tour back in Oregon so I can take more of her classes … I dig her vibe and her smile is contagious! Don’t forget, take a peek at the event dates and see if they’re coming to a city near you. If so, I highly recommend participating! 

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