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Home Health: 2 Holiday Recipes for the Plant Based Diet

by Sami Sattva November 14, 2015
#OMGardein Meatless Holiday Recipes for the Health Conscious

Mini Crab-less Cakes Double Stuffed with Raw Squash Slaw

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]E[/su_dropcap] I think we all have a little bit of “entertainer” traits within us, especially during the holiday. For those of us who have homes we care about and dress with decorations, pay attention to the feng shui and ensure the overall energy is a peaceful environment it’s safe to say you’ll eventually want to invite people into your home.

So, we clean! We cook! We prepare. I always say: Food and Weather bring people together! Let’s talk about some food, and how can we continue our health conscious efforts during the season of comfort foods with Gardein.   

I’m featuring Vegetarian foods here, but Vegetarian foods these days taste wonderful! Are health conscious and having that piece of mind knowing it’s gone through certifications is a “comforting” feeling also. 

There are so many “guilt free” options out there, staying conscious and sticking to your diet does not have to be a struggle! Click here for more Holiday Menu Recipes!

Look for Gardein when you’re out enjoying a nice dinner:

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]G[/su_dropcap]Gardein sells some tasty Vegetarian Crab-less cakes by Gardein that are perfect portion for appetizer dishes. They cooked in less than 10 minutes, and for preparation, I sliced them open and filled it with my homemade squash slaw.

The cold slaw gives the warm cakes a refreshing finish, they were so tasty! I made sure to save some for tomorrow 🙂

Mini Crab-less Cakes Double Stuffed with Raw Squash Slaw

Vegan, NonGMO, Dairy Free – #OMGardein

#OMGardein Crabless Cakes Double Stuffed with Squash Slaw

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How to make the Crabless Cakes:

#OMGardein Crabless Cakes double stuffed with Squash Slaw

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  1. Grab a medium sized pan and heat to a little less than medium. Depending on the strength of your appliances, medium might cook it too fast and burn it. 
  2. Lay the cakes in a single layer, and let cook on both sides for a total of 8 minutes. As I mentioned, depending on the strength of your appliances speculate if they need to be cooked longer. Do not overcook
  3. Transfer to a plate and let cool. Take your knife and slice open the cakes, but do not cut through to the other side. 
  4. Take a small spoon or small spatula and grab the slaw and stuff it in there! Feel free to get messy here, you’ll be transferring to your final plate so that one stays pretty
  5. Transfer to your final dish and decorate as desired. Eat as appetizers or part of the main dish! Enjoy. 

How to make the Squash Slaw:

  • 1 Organic Yellow Squash
  • 1 Organic Green Zucchini 
  • 1/2 Organic Green Pepper
  • Ninja Kitchen Master or some sort of food processor
  • Small rubber spatula or small spoon
  • Dash of pepper 


Directions: Pulse until it’s chopped! Be cautious that it doesn’t blend too long or it will turn into liquid. Pulsing will keep it chopped and in tact. Add the pepper and mix it up. That’s all. 



Eat it! Your guests will love it and you will rest assured knowing you didn’t slave over a turkey all day. 

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Recipe #2:

Maple Agave Turkey Cutlet with Raw Squash Strips and a side of Homemade Organic Mashed Rosemary Potatoes

Meat Free by Gardein, lightly breaded and actually delicious! These puppies cooked in the oven at 450 for about 20 minutes, 15 minutes if you don’t like things crispy. The

The Gardien garden grown protein is made with a savory blend of Non-GMO soy, wheat, organic ancient grains, and veggies. Sorry Gluten Free people, this dish would not make you happy.  



  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees ensuring there is nothing in the oven prior to doing this. Set your time for 15 minutes
  2. Take your gravy pouch and set in a bowl of hot water to thaw
  3. Lay out your cutlets in a thin layer, do not stack or overlap them, on a cookie sheet or oven-safe dish big enough to lay them out. 
  4. Let cook for 7-8 minutes and then flip over to cook on the other side
  5. After cooking on both sides, and the time has gone off, speculate if you want to cook them for 5 more minutes. Depending on the strength of your oven you may or may not want to. Do not overcook, and do not cook past 20 minutes. They will not be good! 
  6. With an oven mitt remove the pan and let cool for a few minutes – again speculating the cutlets to ensure they are cooked. 
  7. Cut, slice, or leave whole and pour your gravy or leave in a small dish for dipping! I added a Maple Agave syrup at this point and poured the gravy afterward. Oh baby were these tasty!! Sweet and Savory both. 

The side dishes:

Garlic Rosemary Potatoes: I boiled organic red potatoes in a pink Himalayan salt for about 30 minutes, drained the water, and added my seasonings plus fresh rosemary and gave it a good mash & stir. Since they were boiled, it easily mashed with a wooden spoon. 

Raw Squash and Zucchini Strips: These are incredible, filling, and good for you! Yes they can be eaten raw, they taste absolutely delicious. All parts of summer squash are edible, including the flesh, seeds and skin. Eating these RAW will give you the full benefits of the high amount of Antioxidants found in these foods. As opposed to Microwaving or Boiling, you will lose some of that content. “While not as rich in some of the more widely-publicized antioxidants like beta-carotene, summer squash is a very strong source of other key antioxidant nutrients, including the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin.

#OMGardein Maple Agave Turk'y Cutlet - #meatless

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See, there you have it. You CAN stay on point with your diet, nor sacrifice eating meat during the holidays that’s meat and comfort food driven. I can’t wait to make my Gluten Free, Dairy Free stuffing! I will show you guys that later! What’s your favorite dish for the holidays? Share this blog with your vegan or vegetarian friends and let’s talk food! Have fun with your holiday entertaining, I’ll be looking for your photos! 

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