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For 14 years, I’m pleased to have continuously created an array of multimedia productions and content for various small businesses. In 2017, Mindful Hellos has introduced Videography! It’s a delight to create, let’s collaborate on something!


2004 was the year I started creating graphics and just a few years later I started designing and developing websites.
If only I was better at documenting my work as I am now to have a much fuller portfolio today. Alas, I only have a handful of examples until I recover the rest from a previous hard-drive.
Many websites I have developed over the years are changed and evolved from my design, which is the ultimate bummer. Design to me is all about tapping into that visionary mindset and bringing ideas to life. However, not everyone knows how to convey an idea in their head and that's where I step in and help extract. Whether that be a photo shoot, a video shoot, a design to create, or a vision to help direct ... it's of genuine desire to tap into that higher source of creativity.
Overall, I tend to be a little bit more on the Elegant side with fonts and colors and tend not to use a whole lot of real-life people unless it's specifically a lifestyle brand that calls for it. Most often, I will couple the design with photography I have taken. If it's not currently in my stock roll, I will take the time to go off on photography shoots of my own and that is already integrated into my rates. My rates for Photography are $200 an hour and include behind the scenes shots if you are a brand wanting to capture the process. For website development, it starts at $3,000, or $110/hr. Videography starts at $700.
Email me for a customized package!
sami sattva
Multimedia Producer

Landscape & outdoors

I’m a sucker for nature and all plant life! It’s an absolute necessity to make time to stop and smell the roses, literally. No matter how much work is on the plate, the good ole’ outdoors will never fail at uplifting spirits & bringing new clarity to life. 

Food & Beverage

Did you know that Mindful Hellos originally started out as a food blog? Yes! We’ve created a plethora of recipes; the blog evolved shortly after that once it gained traction with health & fitness brands.


With Lambda Lion, the sister company to Mindful Hellos, we create an array of high level videos ranging from Music Videos, Commercials, Promotional Videos, and other Branding videos. Instrumental production is available at an affordable up-charge rate. 


I’m well versed in various platforms and applications, but my main tools are: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, In-Design), WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace,
and of course – all Microsoft Office programs.


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