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Insects To Be The Next Hottest Superfood? No. We Vote Cumin!



[su_dropcap]L[/su_dropcap]  Let’s talk a minute about this Insect comment I made – have you heard the hype about it? I can’t do it. Scientists are saying cockroach milk (a crystallized protein) is the next “superfood” of the future. I am not convinced and won’t be eating a cock-roach anytime in my lifetime. Animal protein is the farthest I’ll go. See a cock-roach recipe here on Food NetworkWe vote Cumin! Pronounced “ko͞o-min”.

You have most likely read in my previous blogs that I clearly love my herbs and spices! From Culinary to nutrition, to aromatherapy … each of them hold a special place in our bodies and today I’m talking about Cumin.



I’ll often use ground Cumin when making salsas or hummus and sometimes replace pepper with cumin instead. It has a different taste of peppery, it’s almost nutty. They are longitudinally ridged, brownish and also resemble caraway seeds.



  • Due to the high amounts of Iron, Cumin is wonderful for women during menstruation who lose iron each month during this time. 
  • Cumin keeps your immune system healthy, just like antioxidant! (A major component of “superfoods”)
  • Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties (just like superfoods)
  • Are also a good source for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1
  • In every 2 Teaspoons, there is 16% of our DV of Iron! That’s excellent for a spice, and 2 teaspoons at that. 
Cumin for Superfoods! Read more via #blogger @mindfulsami

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[su_dropcap]F[/su_dropcap] Fun fact … did you know that In ancient Egypt, cumin was not only used as a culinary spice but it was also an ingredient used to mummify pharaohs? ⇒ That is fascinating!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you continue to look around my Nutrition category for more culinary health inspiration!

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