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Home Remedies For a Hangover + 8 Teas for Liver Health

Hangover Home Remedies + 8 Teas for Kidney Health -- on Mindful Hellos

The holidays are in full swing which means: family gatherings — adult parties — and entertainment. What’s the infrastructure here?

There’s likely to be alcoholic beverages (perhaps more than we anticipate) and over-eating outside our normal parameters. This can cause damage to the function of our internal organs such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, and more.

Our bodies are likely to not be prepared for it; thus preemptive actions are crucial that will transition us into readiness given these mindful, universal remedies for symmetric health.

In life and in health, moderation is the key to balance. In Ayurvedic philosophy, balance equals harmony for maximum well-being, holistic medicine is the original medicine and can make one feel whole while treating the root cause internally — rather than creating more problems with traditional pharmaceuticals or over the counter prescriptions.

With that in mind, it’s imperative to hold onto this ideology during the holidays to replenish what we are weakening. 


The holistic path to this would be to nourish both your mind and body with superfood nutrients, supplements, hydration, and learn to be better prepared for the next time.


The non-conscious, habitual path to this would be to pop some IBuprofen, drink some coffee (or maybe even another cocktail), maybe some Pepto Bismol, and eat “greasy” foods.


Does this sound like you or your friends? Which one do you want for yourself? The holidays doesn’t have to mean losing ourselves. It’s uncomplicated to refuel what you’ve depleted for it to become fluent in second nature.



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Diving right into options for your preparation, you can take this away with you to feel more educated on how to be in balance this season (and other seasons to come). Nurture your liver, and restore your vital nutrients.

  • WATER: The holy grail to life. It’s one of those “basics” that we are all guilty of neglecting until we need it. Water flushes out toxins and nourishes the Kidneys, which become saturated with alcohol and also contributes towards keeping kidney stones from forming. Also, as your body attempts to restore its fluids, your blood vessels have narrowed which restricts the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain that in the end causes swelling. Alas, out come those excruciating headaches. This is not the cure, keep reading.
  • VITAMIN B’s & C’s: Consider this like nirvana for your entire body, muscles, & joints. Take a supplement or pour yourself an 8oz of organic and natural orange juice. By supplementing with Vitamin C will also aid in the recovery of connective tissue and promotes Iron absorption. Read our blog about the richest source of Vitamin C
  • SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE using the Amalaki Herb: I can guarantee if you asked 10 people you know if they generally go for the “greasy food” the morning / day after drinking, or if they go for a nutrient dense smoothie – 7 or 8 if not higher would answer greasy foods. For some reason, people think it makes you feel better, but that’s a crock of sh*t. Get yourself or make a GREEN or BERRY (antioxidant) based smoothie. Not the kind from Jamba Juice. Real, whole foods. This will boost your immune system while filling your belly with vitamins you depleted yourself of. 
  • SLEEP: I wish I could put a million exclamation points after that heavenly word. How many of you felt immensely better after taking a nap? *everyone raises hand* This is absolutely essential, save yourself the torture and Chances are you are already sleep deprived. Enhance your brain function and give your body the rest it needs. 
  • GINGER: This, my friends — is a lifesaver to nausea, headaches, irritated digestive systems, anti-inflammatory properties and much more.
  • CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Ever notice the morning after your heart is beating irregular? This is because alcohol is poison to the heart and skyrockets your blood pressure.
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM: Where your memories, speech, walking abilities, coordination etc is controlled from. Long-term drinking can actually shrink the frontal lobes of your brain & can overall damage your nervous system which results in a number of deficiencies, pain in body parts and brain damage.
  • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our precious digestive system becomes at risk as alcohol irritates the stomach lining which causes inflammation & creates difficulties for your body to absorb nutrients. 
  • EXCRETORY SYSTEM: Do not destroy your liver. The liver takes the biggest hit by alcohol. If it fails to perform, toxicity can stay in your body. 
  • AVOID “HAIR OF THE DOG”: This theory is …. well, a theory. It’s where you have “another drink” to level yourself out but in fact, doctors say to avoid it all together as it prolongs the healing process of your body. So just don’t, and give yourself the love it deserves. 



Hangover Cure + 5 Teas for Kidney Health -- on Mindful Hellos

Okay, I know I mentioned Liver health but I also wanted to throw in Kidney too since these go hand & hand. Below are affiliate links to Buddha Teas which I fully support and use in my daily lifestyle routine. 




Besides the sheer fact that it feels damn good having a warm drink during this time of year, drinking tea has many benefits. The wild herbs that are harvested are as natural as you can get! 

Having a high amount of Antioxidants in our daily routine is wonderful for our aging process along with our bodies’ ability to repair and regenerate cells. Tea is generally Caffeine Free unless of course, you drink Matcha tea which has 10x the amount of green tea but serves as a rich source of natural energy. 

This is a huge one: It helps keep you hydrated! Too many of us are bored with water and because of this, we don’t intake as much as we need. Tea can flavor your water and can drink a few times a day. 

Tea calms the mind and body. Fact. Your brain is relaxed when medicinal herbs are flowing through the body. It can also prevent sickness and furthermore helps with fighting the flu and infection. 


It’s important to only buy the kind of tea that doesn’t use bleached tea bags, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. You’d be surprised at the teas you think are “natural and healthy” that in fact aren’t. 
At this time, there are 3 brands of tea I support and they are Buddha Teas (listed above), Chopra Center tea, and Traditional Medicinals




For further reading on Liver Health with Ayurvedic principals, I encourage you to Read this Article on Banyan Botanicals


I think it’s safe to say we are all aware that drinking can cause damage if not done moderately and if not drank responsibly, but taking actions to prevent disease and illness in the future could not be more of the emphasis here

Kick illness before it happens. Stop ailment before it can form. And protect the only body you have because it’s yours and only you can control how it’s treated.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will take this knowledge and education with you through the holidays! Please share with your friends, family, and other people in your network who could benefit from such insight. 

Namaste ♄






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