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You need this Vegan, NON-GMO Frozen Fruit Grab & Go Snack! Here’s Why:

A frozen and nutritional gluten free treat by @Froozer!

Eaten by Kids, Students, Adults, Athletes and Clean Eating Enthusiasts!

[su_dropcap]B[/su_dropcap] By the time you’re done reading this you’re going to wish you had these when you were a child. Do you remember those otter pops we all had back in the day? Imagine that … (sugar filled – toxic coloring water by the way) … but imagine these pops filled with vitamins, nutrients, fruits and veggies with the resemblance of a smoothie!


Then you look on the label to see that they are also non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, and organic — suddenly then your taste buds accept the flash-frozen Froozer in your mouth. 


That my friends is exactly what FROOZER is. 

[su_quote cite=”Froozer” url=””]Our products represent the pure goodness of freshly harvested fruits & veggies picked at the peak of their ripeness, flash-frozen whole and blended for optimal taste, nutrition and digestion. Natural fruits and veggies in all their glory, nothing added or subtracted, not even a drop of water.[/su_quote]

This Frozen pop is disrupting the industry right now with it’s convenient little pouch full of goodness. It’s safe to say there’s an entire shift right now in the universe with how well we take care of ourselves and the generations to come, through mindfulness.

Obesity is at a high and parents all over the world are doing their part to create a cleaner mindset with their precious children’s eating habits. 


Healthy and nongmo frozen fruit snack to go! By Froozer via @mindfulsamiWhen it comes to nutrition it absolutely has an affect on your mind, body, and emotions just as much as an environment has on us. Are you a victim of a Sugar Addict? Froozer would be an intelligent way to wean off of that. It includes ingredients like Bananas, Grapes, Mangoes, etc! 


Froozer has substantially low sugar levels while each pouches having either 4, 5, and 6 ingredients total.



Take a look at some of the labels below or click here: 

Froozer Frozen snack that's nongmo, gluten free, dairy free etc! Read more via @mindfulsami


[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]I stand here before you representing Froozer because I care about you, about your kids, your family, your friends, and your friends friends. I may not know you but at least you’ll leave this blog with knowledge of a healthy treat out in the market accessible to you and your peers!



For starters, it’s is an under-consumed nutrient of public health concern and is the third most abundant mineral in the human body.

Potassium minerals help maintain normal blood pressure by reducing the effect of excessive sodium

It’s also an essential nutrient (along with vitamins) that assist our bodies in need to grow, develop, heal and keep the immune system healthy. 

  • A diet deficient in potassium may lead to symptoms like fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Potassium deficient people may also experience high blood pressure, pain in their intestines, swelling in their glands and diabetes as serious side effects


Those are just a few details on the importance of Potassium. Potassium runs higher in Froozer products than anything else on the label! It goes without saying we all need our fruits and veggies, you don’t need me to inform you of that. But I will encourage it. ♥



Right now, you can only find Froozer in the U.S. I found mine at Zupan’s Market in my SW Portland neighborhood on Macadam. But you can also locate the products in select Whole Foodsand launching in Safeway this month in Colorado!
Did your city make the list?

⇒ Click here to view the map of stores carrying Froozer ⇐  

Discount on 2 or more boxes ordered online. Shipping is included in the price



Here on Be Mindful for a giveaway! Here is what One lucky winner will win:

  • One 48 Count Box of Froozer (70$ Value)
  • A tour of the Froozer plant in Salem, Oregon! (optional)

Froozer Giveaway

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