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What is Yoga? This Is My Practice

[su_pullquote]“Breathe through it, and release what no longer serves you.”[/su_pullquote] What Does Yoga Mean To Me? An inspiring rant by Sami Fait

Namaste with Be Mindful

[su_dropcap size=”4″]Y[/su_dropcap]Yoga means that we allow, unite, invite, and transcend ourselves into the highest essence of nature. It is the opportunity we give ourselves to dive deep into our own minds and nurture all that we can intangibly touch. It is a process of all that we do nurture, but that is the beauty in the art of allowing. We must first allow ourselves to break down those walls that we’ve created to ultimately touch that inner balance and harmony.

Yoga is a living meditation, an accessible invitation to each and every one of us to feel better inside & out – on our own terms. Not led by anyone else, not waiting for anyone else – just us. Only we have that power of personal transformation. Yoga allows us to find an end to our restless mind, the mind that is constantly driven away from our purest passions and desires due to the need to survive in today’s world.

[su_dropcap size=”4″]Y[/su_dropcap]Yoga is a direct doorway to higher consciousness. A level of awareness that provides us insight and deeper knowing of oneself. It is a stillness that is available to us when we are ready to calm the chaos around and within us. The chaos can be tuned out for those who truly strive to make that happen. There is always calmness at our disposal, if we choose. It is a decision one must make to achieve inner happiness no matter the circumstance of life. The inner calmness will give back to us, thus opening ourselves up to giving more out. Happiness is the best gift we can give to someone. But we cannot share it if we don’t have it. Yoga give us happiness, for however long you are on the mat whether it be 10 minutes or 90 minutes – it will open your mental doorway closer to happiness for residual happiness.

Namaste with Be Mindful

One must be in balance though, disruptions in the mind – body – mental state of living can interfere with this doorway of yoga. One must be happy with what’s entering their body, &  how they’re physically treating their body including sleep & stress – in order to truly be happy with oneself for yoga to be in alliance with the inner balance.

[su_dropcap size=”4″]Y[/su_dropcap]Yoga for me is all the above plus emotional release. It is my opportunity to nourish my mind and let go of what no longer serves me. It provides me that space in my mind to detox of what is toxic and to fulfill it with something meaningful when I go out into the world. Purging emotions and letting go – of fear, people, bad relationships, bad habits, or decomposing thoughts – is healthy and only during a sustained peace of mind will the brain know to focus. Yoga is that focus. That is primarily what I love about Yoga. The physical challenge is just a bonus. But where my head is at is where the mental transformation is allowed in.  The science behind it all is what intrigues me the most.

On a molecular and neurological transformation level is the most profound meaning of Yoga, to me. And for that, I will be forever thankful I found yoga & that I will be able to guide others through this practice as well.



Namaste, Sami 

Namaste with Be Mindful

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