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Fashion Friday Sales and Picks of the week!

by Sami Sattva August 6, 2015 Tag ,,
Affordable Summer Style

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Sales, Style, and Summer with Sami!

[su_dropcap]R[/su_dropcap]Raise your hand if you got paid today? It’s Friday so the chances are high that you did, which means – shopping time!! Treat yourself to one piece of clothing. You don’t have to go crazy and spend your whole earnings, but treating yourself with one or two things a week is proven to create happiness LOL. You deserve it. I deserve it. We all deserve it! We work hard, for what? To gain things we want. If that happens to be a cute piece of summer style … then, so be it. 

Below are my style picks of the week for the lifestyles we lead. Step out of your comfy clothes or yoga gear and step into a dolled up wardrobe. Put on some heels and makeup, and go grab a craft cocktail with fancy herbs and umbrellas in it. Some of these are on the Up to 90% off sale, and some are other inexpensive choices. All through my affiliate partner Oasap!

Happy shopping my friends – please pin, tweet, share, or comment!

Click the images below to shop!


Flowy White Plunging Neckline Midi DressLow Cut Lace blouse 7.99Off-the-Shoulder Geo Pattern Rompers

Polkadot Cutaway Shoulder Lace Back Playsuit BlackSleeveless Multi-color Painting Black Stripe Cross RompersElegant Solid Drawstring Sleeveless RompersCharming Lace Strap Backless Pleated DressOff the Shoulder Lace Trim Mini Dress

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Now go shopping 🙂

Enjoy, and remember style should never be compromised. Always feel pretty and if that means looking pretty – let it flow! Thank you for stopping by my friends, comments below which outfit you’re most likely to wear! 

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