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Spiritual Gangster + Rustic Souls Jewelry! Fall Favorites

November 5, 2015.Sami Sattva.0 Likes.1 Comment
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Friday Fall Favorites!

Featuring Spiritual Gangster, and Rustic Souls Jewelry

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I just moved to Denver, where it really feels like Fall here! Recently I’ve found myself overwhelmed of all the fall accessories I finally get to wear, which is the inspirational reason behind this blog today. I’ll be sharing with you some BEAUTIFULLY crafted jewelry and active wear by two brands that go hand in hand together energetically, that I happen to wear also. 

By now, if you’re reading this you probably know I’m a huge fan of all things spiritual and mindful. One way I connect to the higher vibes is through healing crystals. Wearing them and having them near me. They have been worn throughout the ages as talismans, signs of good luck, protective amulets and to mark those of nobility. The energy healing stones omit can bring true manifestation to life! If you allow it.

Some of you may know that Rustic Souls is a real life friend of mine! I’ve connected more with crystal jewelry more since I’ve been here in Denver, thanks to her.

Rustic Souls is all handmade for the eclectic bohemian style, primarily one of a kind pieces to make sure you feel extra special. Made with high quality stones and finishings. To me, that’s way better than any mass produced item.

Here are some of the new arrivals to Rustic Souls:


Did you know that by wearing crystals and stones with healing properties can bring power forth to the wearer?

Carnelian Stretch mala

Carnelian Stretch Mala

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Spiritual Gangster

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]R[/su_dropcap]Raise your hand if you love to lounge in comfy yoga clothes! *Raises Hand*. If you didn’t, you are not human. We all love to be comfy, but ladies we don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort! We will have both. 

I’m SURE you have heard of Spiritual Gangster, right?  Just another company to form out of Arizona! I’ve had the pleasure of practicing yoga with the creatives behind this brand and I can tell you the energy is as strong as it looks. 


Spiritual Gangster

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]I[/su_dropcap]It’s not always about the leggings – and actually, leggings are the exact opposite of what the original yogi’s used to wear when practicing. The tightness and confined materials restrict movement and mentally create insecurity when you’re supposed to be focusing on the higher vibes and deepened practice. But hey! Times have changed. Don’t feel like you have to be the proud owner of the most crazy patterned pants out on the market. Be simple, feel your best. That is all, and that is one less thing you will be thinking about while getting to that higher state of being. 

Spiritual Gangster Fall Items

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Now go out there in life. And vibrate higher. Look cuter. and be more comfy. â™„

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