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I’m beyond thrilled to announce and introduce Oasap Limited to my blog, as an official affiliate partner. They exude the “High Street Fashion” sense of style at incredibly affordable prices! Click here to be taken directly to their shop.

As some of you may know, I was once in the fashion industry of Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona. I have education from International Academy of Design & Technology, self education, and years of mentoring from my nana who is seriously the ultimate crafter and seamstress I know of and has been since my mom was young! My mother is 50 in a few months to give you perspective. I used this education towards designing and creating elaborate, elegant costumes for performing artists in the music industry – over the course years from 2004 until a few years ago. Some day I’ll post photos of the creations on my blog 🙂 With all of that in mind, you can imagine how I feel bringing fashion and style back into my life – and to my blog! I stopped creating fashion a few years ago when I decided to switch industries back into  health and wellness and though I’m not creating anything, It still brings great joy and fond memories! 

Everything from streetwear, swimwear, outerwear, shoes, accessories, etc – Oasap has it! Of course it’s summer so I’m slightly obsessing over all of the super cute and sexy options. Click the image below to be taken directly to the swimwear.

Oasap Swimwear

Here are a few current specials:

There ya have it! Each week I will be posting my favorites, and also randomly on my twitter, instagram and Facebook, so make sure we’re connected!

♥ Some of my faves so far

The image redirects to the rompers and jumpsuits, navigate from there to swimwear to find the exact suits below:

Summer Style with Oasap

Go take a gander, and show me what you got if you buy something – would love to see it!

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Thank you for stopping by! Namaste friends. Be well, stay healthy, always be mindful!

Sami from Be Mindful

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  • thank you!!! 🙂

  • Carmina Aguilar

    I love Oasap. Their clothing line is unique. I love how chic and classy their clothes are

  • I love the pretty floral fabrics and flowing tops and gowns. Welcome back to your love of fashion. I look forward to reading more about your interests here. 🙂


  • yes and there’s so many sales you should see my cart right now! lol. Keep us in mind when you go online shopping next ^_^

  • LOLOLOLOL ^_^ Right! I’m right there with you hehehe.

  • Thanks hun!! Keep us in mind when you’re ready to shop next ^_^

  • Youre telling me!!! I want to just shop and shop and shop. You should see my cart! lmao

  • Thanks so much sweetie!!! appreciate it 🙂

  • Their clothes look amazing! Congrats on the new business relationship!

  • The dresses and rompers are so cute. Same with the swim suits. I want them all lol

  • Nas

    these rompers are soo cute! thanks for sharing! love the bikinis too!

  • fitlivingblog

    I know where my next paycheck is going… towards all of these CUTE clothes! Those rompers especially. LOVE!!

  • Liz

    All of these pieces are SO cute!!

  • Thanks Scott that’s kind of you!

  • I’m obviously not the target market, but will definitely pass this along to my wife. She’ll love a couple of these!