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Holiday Gift Guide for the Mindful and Minimal





I wanted this guide to represent a lifestyle as opposed to just “things” to buy. I prefer not to just “collect” things for no rhyme or reason so I tend to keep things slightly minimal!

I prefer to welcome the things that are the opposite of “one-time purpose” sort of thing as well. These items listed below are those that create an “experience”, or add to one, at minimum. 

I have chosen some of my favorite things to use on a daily basis, and I hope that it might connect with you too! I genuinely admire these companies and what they create, stand for, and their mindfulness in the process. 

Happy Holidays, my friends. I encourage each and every one of you to click on the images, meander through to their websites, and have a looksie around this page. There’s lots of details!




I absolutely love this brand! Sivana is a small, family-owned and operated mindful lifestyle business. They focus on jewelry, clothing, and gifts for the spiritual minded folks; Even items for the home! 

My top favs from Sivana are the 2 tier Om Necklace with quartz crystals, the Ikat Raksha Wrap, and the Precious Rose Collection featuring incense, a perfume roll-on with Rose oils, and more. 

I highly recommend browsing the Sivana website to get a feel for what you can bring into your space this holiday season while taking advantage of their current sales. 

> Use my code: MINDFULHELLOS11 when purchasing. Help them supply & distribute vitamin A to Indian children in desperate need. Every purchase helps these children in need.

Featured Fave: Ikat Raksha Wrap

Snacktivist Foods

Go ahead and get hungry! Snacktivist Foods is drool worthy gluten free, egg free, and vegan dry-mixes that enable healthy eating at home easy! Another family owned, small business who is also committed to improving the lives of children who live with food allergies.

They believe that high-quality, nutritious foods are an integral part of our physical and mental health … it all started with their kids who had food allergies! It boomed from there since 2015. 

ProductsMulti-grain pizza mix, Montana Oat Pancake & Muffin mix, Rosemary Garlic Focaccia, Garbanzo Falafel mix, Chocolate Chip cookie, Decadent Brownie Mix (my absolute fav), All purpose flour, Millet Flour, etc. 

Featured Fave: Multi-grain Pizza/Flatbread mix

Qet Botanicals

Only my holy grail skincare! Qet (“keet”) Botanicals was born out of the need for fresh and effective premium care for our face, body, and hair – without the use of toxins, synthetics, or harmful chemicals or preservatives. An absolute divine line of products that I use on the daily. 

You may have seen Qet featured here on Mindful Hellos before – that’s because I had such great results with my skin & hair growth using their serums that I based my entire No Conditioner Journey on some of their hair products. Thank you Healing Lifestyles for the introduction!

View their hair products here, and view my No Conditioner Journey article here. 

Featured Fave: Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut

Smith Teamaker

Okay, I may be biased here because I have a relationship with Smith Tea here in Portland, Oregon … but the truth is, the tea speaks for itself. If you ever visit Portland, get yourself to one of the Tasting Room’s to get the full experience!

I have the pleasure of working with Smith Tea in the tasting rooms and each day I’m there I notice one particular pattern: people’s perspectives of Tea change by the time they leave! The tasting room specialists guide and educate so that guests can leave feeling like they learned a thing or two while having freshly steeped tea done for them. 

While there are several delectable blends and varietals at Smith Tea such as Jasmine Silver Tip, Fez, Meadow, Rose City Genmaicha, and Big Hibiscus, I have one individual tea that just blows my mind: >> Astoria’s Amaro

This palatable herbal blend make my senses go wild as its full bodied complexity ingredients are quite extraordinary. Bittersweet with Orange, Lavender bitters, cascara (the cherry of a coffee bean), smoothed by vanilla bourbon beans/rose petals and more. Unbelievable! Job well done, Tony & Bull in China!

I’m putting these in everyone’s holiday gift baskets lol. It was crafted with cocktail artisans so if that’s not a selling point, I’m not sure what else is. 

Read more about its creation and watch the video of the making!

Quintessentially Mine

One of my favorite handmade crochet brands! A small business based out of Bozeman, Montana, completely rockin’ the momprenuer with 3 kiddos at home. 

Rachel allowed me to custom design nearly every piece of this beanie, down to what type of cute fuzzy ball to garnish it with. 

It’s incredibly comfy, and tailor to my style and the size of my head! 

Shop small and get yourself or a loved one a custom gift this holiday season! 

Sami Sattva <br> Founder of Mindful Hellos

Sami Sattva
Founder of Mindful Hellos

Thank you for visiting my short and sweet holiday gift guide! It may not seem like a much, but the holidays are not for splurging on as many gifts as possible. It's more about the moments you create, the memories you will look back on, and the mindfulness between it all. Put together a more mindful gift for someone this year, and let me know if you need additional information about the above items. Feel free to write me at​



Happy Holidays!


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