100 Songs of High Energy Bliss on Spotify + Downloadables Announcement!

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[su_quote]Music helps with increasing our abilities and awareness. It is considered a vibration for healing, communicating and reducing pain ever so gracefully[/su_quote]

[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap] Some of you know that in my previous career I was an Entrepreneur in the Music industry, but if you don’t — this blog will probably surprise you.

Is it just me, or does music feel amazing for our soul? Just kidding, that’s a rhetorical question — I already know the answer to that!

One of my playlists just hit 100 songs and I wanted to sort of ‘celebrate’ by sharing it with you

I’m an artist at heart, but I’m a hybrid. I’m very extroverted with a focus on the science behind holistic health. I thrive mainly in environments in which has a high social setting – and even enjoying solitude in those environments. 

In this previous career, my major was dance production (with a heavy side in marketing). I formed a multimedia dance crew, from the ground up, that collaborated with headlining musicians primarily in the Western United States, as we studied their music and practiced weekly with them on a live stage experience at concerts, festivals, live music venues, lounges, and yes, even nightclubs.

Elaborate handcrafted costumes were incorporated with a moderate dose of choreography (both created by me) and frequently my business partner & I sought out roles in music videos, fashion shows as models/performers, promotional models for conventions, experiential marketing events, and private parties.


I called it Hiplesque :: Imagine a mix of high energy hip hop and burlesque ♥


I had dancers across 5 additional cities outside of my hometown Scottsdale/Phoenix that represented my group and whom I also employed with satellite gigs. I did this starting at the age of 17! I was in dance prior to this, primarily studio. I used to write lyrics and we had started making moves to record our own music to perform but this was about the time I got out of the industry. *insert sad face*


This was my main group, I had others but they were not leads and not at this photoshoot. I am in the middle with long hair, the one they are ravishing. LOL. The image leads to an article that was written about me and the group.

Needless to say – I am very musically inclined and it still drives me to this day! Music on its own is therapeutic. It can be healing to the soul, the mind, and to the body by way of creative movement, and I wanted to share the music that moves me! Keep reading for my featured Spotify Playlist.

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It’s important for me to unplug from everything work related. I stand firm with this and tell just about everyone I collaborate with that I’m pretty much unresponsive on weekends. Without this, burn-out will happen.

Life cannot be all about working — it’s essential to refuel your mind with things that make you happy. Save yourself from implosion! ♥

How does one put this into action?

…. I dedicate my nighttime (and each weekend) for Music and Design. Once 6pm (ish) hits during the week I am out! Emails will remain unread — they’ll be there tomorrow. Marketing strategies — they too will be there tomorrow. Blog images — yep, the same.

If you follow my Twitter account, you will notice my night time tweets are sharing music and inspiring reads. 

Unless you’re on a major deadline, unplug. That is how my playlists have grown packed with music! I also still choreograph and craft workouts to specific songs so I am constantly listening away on my Spotify premium via mobile and my PlayStation. 

If you are still using Pandora — you need to get with the program of 2016 and get Spotify! You can sign up for free with your Facebook profile (or regular email) 



High Vibes Bliss - Sami Marquez





I lied, I actually gave you 104 songs — at 6 hours and 52 minutes of high energy amazingness for you to run to, workout, or just simply let play through at a party for entertainment! The genres range from remixed Hip Hop to vocal House Music, to Indie Dance, some dirty Drum and Bass, Trap, Breaks, and beyond. Both mainstream and underground. Download for offline usage. Enjoy ♥


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You have probably noticed my “Downloadables” section of my blog, Mindful Hellos. Well, I wanted to give you an update on when this will be open! The designer behind Loveurstyle.com and I are prepping to give you a handful of freebies! Since the latter portion of this section’s content will be music based … I figured it was appropriate to throw at the end here.

Soon to come is:

  • Workout routines designed specifically to individual songs (and playlists) from my Spotify Profile
  • Yoga & Meditation plans designed to soothing music from my Spotify profile
  • Pinterest templates for bloggers & businesses
  • Media Kits!


Thank you for ‘tuning’ in my friends and I hope you enjoy my playlist. Don’t forget to follow my profile, as I will be updating current and additional playlists on the daily. 


  • Rhewi Montemayor

    I loved to sing because it helps me to release stress, when i’m bored and when i’m inspire.. Your playlist are cool and great..

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    Music can sooth the heart and mind so no doubt it is able to help someone healing. Musicians put in so much work and effort to allow people to enjoy and make them feel good.

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    I agree that Music has always helped me with healing and reducing pain when ever I am down. These 100 songs from High Energy Bliss playlist sounds quiet energetic and hopefully might help reduce some stress when I need!

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    Music fuels me too so I found this post so interesting. I love that you used to be in a dance group that collaborated with headlining artists. What an amazing story and that picture is incredible! I’ve been obsessed with burlesque dancers for a while but I love that you call it Hiplesque. What an inspiring post. Your playlist is awesome, too. I’m sure i’ll be turning that on more!