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The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea

The Best Essential Oils For Rosacea via @mindfulsami #blogger

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that typically produces red marks, acne or pustules on the face. The most affected areas of the skin that become red are the nose, cheeks, and the forehead. In this article, I will share with you how to mitigate the discomfort with these best essential oils for rosacea.

What causes Rosacea?

Genetic factors or environmental factors are the primary cause of rosacea. Alcohol, hot beverages, and certain foods do not cause disease but can make the condition worse. Unprotected exposure to the sunlight, stress, and corticosteroid medications can also make it worse.


Who is usually at risk?

Rosacea can occur in anyone. However, the most common illness is found in middle-aged women, individuals with light skin and Scandinavian people are more likely to have redness. The disorder can be treated but usually cannot be healed completely. Unfortunately, you are at risk for rosacea if someone in your family has the condition.


What are the signs and symptoms of Rosacea?

Signs and symptoms of rosacea can develop over a period of weeks to months and then decrease. Rosacea can be mistaken for acne, allergies or other skin problems. If not treated early, rosacea tends to increase over time.

  • Facial redness: Many people with rosacea have a history of frequent reddening of the skin. Flushing or blushing may appear and disappear, but is usually the earliest sign of the disease. The visible facial blood vessels on the skin are the reasons for this redness.
  • Skin grows thicker: In some cases of rosacea, the skin can become thick and enlarged from excess cells. This condition usually occurs in the nose, making the nose bulge, called the Rhinophyma.
  • Acne or pustules: Acne or pustules often develop into rosacea. Occasionally red acne can be like acne, but no blackheads. Feeling hot or stinging can also occur.
  • Eye irritation: The eye can become irritated, tear or redness in some people with rosacea. This condition is called ocular rosacea that can cause redness and swelling of the eyelid. If the condition is severe and unattended timely, it may lead to corneal damage and loss of vision.

You may also experience other than the cardinal signs and symptoms mentioned above:

  • Feeling of burning or burning sensation: burning sensation or pruritus, itching may occur on the face.
  • Dry skin: rough at the center of the skin, making the skin very dry.

Rosacea may also develop on the face and in the vicinity of the neck, chest, and ear.


What are the treatments for rosacea?

If it is mild, you may be treated with an antibiotic cream (metronidazole, clindamycin, erythromycin). Rosacea will often recur, and you may need to take regular medication to control the symptoms. In more serious cases, you need to mix drugs.

In rare cases, severe swelling of the nose may require surgery or laser treatment. Laser treatment is sometimes used for large and red veins.

However, early treatment can slow the progression of the disease and prevent future complications. Therefore, many experts recommend the use of aromatherapy and these essential oils for rosacea work miraculously.


The best essential oils for Rosacea via @mindfulsami #blogger



Top 4 essential oils for Rosacea

  • Lavender oil

Lavender is a versatile essential oil in the aromatherapy. People use lavender oil as a massage lotion or an oil spray. Lavender oil could soothe the irritation, reduce the pain and subdue the inflammation. A combination of lavender oil and cucumber is the perfect remedy for rosacea and dry skin.

Add about 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil with pureed cucumber to make a facial paste. Using a cucumber mask is a great option to soothe itching and redness.  Stir up the mixture thoroughly and use it to cover the face. The affected skin will become cooler and free from irritation.

  • Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip oil is one of the most recommended essential oils for rosacea. It is also used to treat many skin diseases such as eczema and some other sensitive skin problems. Use rosehip oil mixed with other essential oils such as coconut oil or olive oil to massage gently on the skin with rosacea.

  • Aloe Vera

Although not considered an essential oil, Aloe Vera is one of the best natural remedies for rosacea. You could use this combination of aloe and solid coconut oil to achieve the better effect in treating rosacea.

Add an equal amount of aloe gel and virgin coconut oil into a bowl and beat it up until you get a frosty-homogeneous mixture. Aloe can help soothe the skin, reduce irritation and the symptoms of Rosacea. The coconut oil is anti-inflammatory and is a good moisturizer for the skin. Also, using aloe vera juice to drink or apply directly to the skin both has a beneficial effect on Rosacea patients.

  • Chamomile oil

Roman chamomile is one of the suitable essential oils for rosacea. Use a soft cloth to apply chamomile oil on the reddened skin. It will help soothe the skin. Also, you can drink Roman chamomile tea to help the excretion of the toxins, which will help your body renew the skin.

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What lifestyle habits help you limit the course of Rosacea?

To restrict the course of Rosacea, you should maintain the following practices:

  • Wash your face twice daily with a light towel and cleanser
  • You may consider changing to a milder cleanser or toner to the skin. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using cleansing milk or sunscreen.
  • Record daily activities, food and personal items that can make the illness appear so that you can find the cause. For example, if the skin gets irritated and rash when eating spicy foods, spicy food can cause the onset of illness


When do you need to see a doctor?

The manifestation of Rosacea may be different in many people. Therefore, you should consult a dermatologist for the use of any alternative remedies at home. Contact your doctor if you have other symptoms in your eyes or eyelids or if your treatment is not working after 3 to 4 weeks.



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