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A Practical Guide To Joy: Cultivate Your Inner Well-Being Today! Plus a Free Intro Webinar

Inner Engineering with Mindful Hellos




[su_dropcap size=”4″]i[/su_dropcap] If someone told you before … that we have all the tools to create ultimate happiness, would you believe it? Chances are someone already has, and if not, I’m honored to be the first to tell you! Each and every one of us possesses the power to alter anything we want — but we have to want the change and be willing to put in the effort. 

Life is all about Balance (and self-love). It’s a must — to travel through life joyfully and healthy. I don’t mean healthy as in you wake up and take vitamins regularly. I mean both External, by way of exercise and activity, and Internal, by way of blissful mental health. 

Blissful mental health can be the holistic approach of:

  • Showering your mind with positive thoughts
  • Utilizing the law of attraction to manifest the things you want in life
  • Letting go of relationships that serve you stress & anxiety
  • Practicing yoga that takes you to a higher dimension
  • And on a deeper intellectual control status, transforming your Genetic makeup to work for you rather than against you. 
    Plus so many other notions.


A practical guide to joy with #InnerEngineering and #MindfulHellos




[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap] The entire purpose of this blog lies within this section. Your guide to inner well-being can be taught with Sadhguru’s program on Inner Engineering where I too, had the pleasure of taking the online program! 

I have been completely englufed with inspiration to take charge of inner thought process

The online course is 8 hours of video with guided meditations, opening mantras, recordings of live seminars he has taught in high definition, and exercise questions to reflect what you took away after each lesson. 

He asks questions in such a way that inspires you to instantly contemplate your life

This allows for mindful expansion in a very comprehensive form. Topics of consciousness, desire, the law of attraction, compulsiveness, deep inner peace and how to create it within yourself, and many more bits of wisdom to take with you each day. 

Even though this program enforces stillness, I saved it for nightfall to be the last thing I did of the day. This served a dual purpose for me to where I can quiet the mind at night before sleep, and additionally prep my mind for the next day.


I didn’t realize exactly how much fear I was living in, and how many disturbances I actually created for myself until Sadhguru’s program.

I have a consistent flow of meaning and I credit this program. I not only have a desire to deepen my awareness, but it’s important to stay educated and these fundamental tools Sadhguru provides is priceless. 


Inner Engineering is a program that inspires you to create your life, just the way you want and intend to. With that, IE provides tools (and solutions) to empower yourself. It teaches us to stay in tune with our individual self before attempting to operate anything else.

From the essence of Yogic Sciences, IE shows you the tools to the inner mechanisms that are the utmost essential basics of practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.

The program has been designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, visionary, and one the foremost authorities on yoga. Sadhguru established the Isha Foundation, a volunteer-run international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. His scientific methods for self-transformation have universal appeal


Inner Engineering with Midnful Hellos



It’s like going to school but without the long-term commitment expected from another party. Here are some primary details of how the course is structured:

  • 8 hours of content, each lesson about 90 minutes
  • Over 7 Days (although you are given 30 days to finish)
  • It’s available in person, or online
  • You will also have access to the Treasure Trove – Wisdom from Sadhguru, a collection of Q&A videos related to each session
  • Course cost = $150 U.S. Dollars
  • That’s it! I made sure I had a notebook for each lesson
  • TOPIC 1: The Mechanics of Life – Self-exploration
  • TOPIC 2: The Only Bondage – Renew your sense of thoughtful freedom
  • TOPIC 3: To Live and Live Totally – Develop a deep sense of connection
  • TOPIC 4: You Are Not What You Think – Fade your negative feelings and emotions
  • TOPIC 5: The Miracle – Using your mind for an instrument of miracles of life
  • TOPIC 6: Sounds of Creation – Embrace the state of silence
  • TOPIC 7: Creating What You Want – Empowerment for living joyfully

To achieve the optimal benefit of the course you are asked to be aware, attentive, and focused, as in a live seminar. The program is designed in such a way that you can play the class video and pause, or do a 30-second rewind if required. There will be no class rewind or fast-forward options available.



• Access to seven 90-minute sessions in high definition. Free e-newsletter with additional tips and techniques. Free ongoing support. A $50 off coupon to share with family and friends. A treasure trove of bonus videos from Sadhguru. CME & CE Accreditation. Go here to access this course





E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e! That’s like asking the question: Who would benefit from heightened awareness? There isn’t one type of person when each and every one of us is in control of reaching bliss.

When bliss is in the hands of each and every one of us. Not any one other person can make it happen but you. Sadhguru, Inner Engineering, and Isha Foundation all provide you with tools to help you navigate through the chatter to reach bliss & joy more effectively.

Don’t you want to reach deeper dimensions of life? Deeper states of happiness? Deeper states of harmony? A harmony that you were born with, but has been deteriorated by all the junk life has thrown our way that managed to stick. 

This program is a reminder that yogic sciences for transformation are not solely esoteric philosophies from the outdated past. This is for anyone.

Inner Engineering is a method for life, not a religion, for profound experiences while opening doors for new purpose and meaning of one’s life. Do not suffer any longer, and don’t wait another day to give yourself the box of tools for cultivating your human potential. 

The power lies within you, “at your own pace, in your own space”. I introduce to you Inner Engineering and I only wish you the best discovery of your own innate potential.

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Be the light that helps others see. Namaste


 A practical guide to joy with Sadhguru on Mindful Hellos @mindfulsami


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