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Living Space Feng Shui Energy

by Sami Sattva March 24, 2015 Tag ,
Feng Shui Home Help | Be Mindful, You're Creative

[su_dropcap]R[/su_dropcap]ecently, I’ve been inspired to spice up my home more and make it more functional for entertaining and to give more life into my kitchen area. I came across this infographic on Feng Shui Energy on and am now sharing with you! It’s beautiful crafted with key points of what to do. 

Feng Shui empowers you to improve multiple aspects of your life by enhancing your environments with energy flow. By placing certain colors in areas of your home let’s say, you’re able to energize that space and to magnify what’s there. 

Work with what you have, even if your space is small. Re-work furniture for a better flow, de-clutter and organize better, and most importantly dress up what you’re able to. If tiny studios in international countries are able to function, so are our american living spaces. 

  • Fix broken objects
  • Bring in plants and flowers
  • Take down the blackout curtains (or at least leave them to the side next to sheers)
  • Incorporate a wind-chime for pleasant sounds
  • Place books to encourage learning

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Feng Shui Energy 2015: Infographic

Feng Shui Home Help| @ Be Mindful, You're Creatve

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Which room resonates most with you? Mine would be the kitchen! I spend a lot of time in there, (to bring you tons of recipes 😉 and it’s just overall a peaceful feng shui energy in my home, the skylights and double arcadia doors to the patio definitely give us a ton of natural light.

Next, I’d like to focus on my entry way! I already have a mirror that would go perfect.

It’s important for your home to feel safe, clean, encouraging, and approachable. How would you feel if someone randomly, unannounced came over? Or if someone said hey! I’m in the neighborhood, can I stop by? Would you feel nervous about how your home currently felt? Was it dirty, clean, or foul smelling?

It might be a good idea to always keep your home up to par so you’re never put in those awkward situations. Use this guide to help you start your home connection! 

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