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Feng Shui Moss Coasters

by Sami Sattva February 26, 2015 Tag ,,
DIY Moss Coasters | Be Mindful, You're Creative

Who doesn’t love nature? And the color green. I’m looking all around me right now and ironically am seeing a ton of green! Green wallet. White and Green recipe book. Green hair clip. Green plants. Green trees in my windows. Let’s face it, green is all around us and brings much happiness into our lives. Let’s add to our collection!

As a matter of fact, according to the eastern practices of feng shui, green is a common color energy to bring into your interiors. Green is associated with wood energy, the energy of growth, decisiveness and action. It can motivate internal change. Green is wholesome and it calms the nerves and balances the body. (Why do you think going outside for a walk or embarking on a traveling up north creates better moods? GREEN!)

We have perfect, quick and cost effective DIY way to add to your collection. The original DIY was adapted from the DIY CREATIVITY gathering inside creativ.com, by one of our Mindful Girls Tiffany!


DIY Moss Coasters | Be Mindful, You're Creative




  • Paint the modge podge onto the coasters
  • Place wet coaster onto the back of the moss mat
  • Cut the edges off and shape to coaster
  • Press down to adhere modge podge with mat and coaster
  • Let dry, and you’re done!


DIY Moss Coasters | Be Mindful, You're Creative


Incredibly simple. Perfect way to add in a little bit of nature into your home or work space. 


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Make it a great day.