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Sinus, Allergy Relief and Resources: Part One

Allergy & Sinus relief: the natural way!

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Sinus ↔ Congestion ↔ Allergies

[su_dropcap]A[/su_dropcap]As we approach beautiful weather of changing seasons – we are most attracted to be outside more. Workout and Exercise more outside, go for bike rides – walk dogs more, etc. But what are we faced with?

A [not so clean] environment; the flowers in the air, the grass growing greener, the wind is picking up, causing us to be stuffy and congested, or full of puffy eyes and disturbed by the panic of not being able to fully catch our breath, being outside can even cause colds!

Nobody has time for that. But there are natural cures, so here I will go over a few of them along with herbs you can bring into your home.

Just like it’s easy to head on over to CVS, or your local drugstore for Claritin, it can be just as easily effective to reach for our herbs sustained by our very own earth. When we relieve pain supported by herbs we are freeing our respiratory system of chemicals and toxins found in our average, daily use household – which as we all know is a temporary relief and often times causes more problems and imbalances. 

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When it comes to the Ayurvedic lifestyle we are to be reminded that our respiratory pathways are closely connected with prana – which is the vital life force via breath – and can be transformative when we correct and care for the imbalances related to our respiratory. 

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Let me ask you something … how often do you incorporate Ginger into your lifestyle? 

If you shrugged your shoulders at the notion of not using it at all … you are missing out. Thousands of people swear by it. Not only is Ginger a natural digestive healer, it can also help to support clear breathing and normal sinus pressure. Garlic, Cinnamon, and and Herbal steam are also effective remedies to sooth your congestion.

Below are a handful of examples (but not limited to) ways on how to alleviate sinus and allergy related complications (all links lead to Banyan Botanicals product page & will support me as a blogger):

→ Sinus Pressure & Congestion ←

[su_box title=”Herbal Steam” style=”glass” box_color=”#389c80″]Boil about a cup of water, add 3-5 drops of Eucalyptus Oil Essential Oil 1/2 oz 100% Pure Oil Therapeutic Grade), and place this water in a bowl. Using a towel to cover your head, lean over the bowl and inhale the steam for five to ten minutes. If you prefer to use ginger, place about 1 inch freshly chopped ginger root (or ½ teaspoon Ginger powder) in a cup of water and boil for several minutes. Place the ginger water in a bowl, cover your head with a towel, and breathe the steam for five to ten minutes, as above.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Cinnamon Paste” style=”glass” box_color=”#b978e5″]Cinnamon encourages proper circulation, amplifies natural heat, and can promote comfort throughout the sinuses. Mix ½ teaspoon Cinnamon powder with just enough water to make a paste. Apply this paste to the temples and forehead to offer localized support for the sinuses[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Garlic Drops” style=”glass” box_color=”#389c80″]An intense method to effectively increase heat and circulation in support of clear breathing. Peel a small clove of garlic, press it open with the flat side of a knife (chopping it will make the solution too concentrated), and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then place the garlic in a small bowl, add two ounces of recently boiled water, and let it steep for another ten minutes (no longer, or the solution will become too concentrated). Strain, and pour the garlic water into an eye-dropper bottle. Cool further, if necessary. When ready to use, lie down on a flat surface, tilt the head back, and place just one to two drops in each nostril, leaving the head tilted back for a couple of minutes and allowing the garlic to work its way into the upper nostrils. This solution keeps for several days at a time, and you can easily warm the garlic water before each use by bathing the dropper-bottle in hot water for a minute or two.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Saline Drops” style=”glass” box_color=”#b978e5″]A modified nasal rinse can help to thin the mucus and support clear breathing. Dissolve ½ teaspoon Natural Mineral Salt in ½ cup warm water (no hotter than body temperature). Tilt the head upside down and use an eyedropper to insert about 5 drops of this solution into each nostril, sniffing it upward and inward. This process can be repeated several times each day.[/su_box]

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→ Dry Nasal Passages ←

[su_dropcap]C[/su_dropcap]Can you imagine living without a nose? Do you currently live with a dysfunctional nasal passage? It’s sometimes uncomfortable to live with a constant tickle or tingle in the nose – and with it being the first part of the respiratory tract (not to mention a pathway to our brain and consciousness) that first catches all of the pollutants from our environment, it can create dry nose. While it’s not life threatening, it should be cared for even when you notice the slightest of difference. It’s best we treat our nasal passages with oily qualities of lubrication and one way to go about this is with the following herbs: 

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[su_box title=”Gargle” style=”glass” box_color=”#b978e5″]A mixture of ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder and ½ teaspoon Natural Mineral Salt in a cup of warm water soothes the tissues of the throat and encourages natural healing. Simply make a fresh batch of this mixture in the morning and evening, take a sip, gargle for a few moments, and spit. Repeat until you have gargled the entire cup of solution.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Throat Soothing Tea” style=”glass” box_color=”#b978e5″]


Mix the dry herbs ahead of time and store in a small jar. When you are ready to prepare your tea, steep 1 teaspoon of the herbal mixture in a cup of freshly-boiled water for 5-10 minutes, cool slightly and drink. This tea soothes the tissues of the throat while liquefying Kapha, warming the body, encouraging proper circulation, kindling Agni, and bolstering the elimination of natural toxins. Drink two to three times per day, or as needed.



  • Spiced Banana. Eat ½ – ⅓ of a banana mashed with a teaspoon of honey and a generous pinch of ground black pepper two to three times a day. This mixture helps to clear excess Vata from the respiratory tract.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing. Alternate nostril breathing is deeply Vata-pacifying and very soothing to the system overall. It can be powerfully supportive in eliminating aggravated Vata from the mind and body


  • Black Pepper. One of the simplest ways to do this is to increase your intake of black pepper, which embodies all of these balancing qualities. Freshly ground black pepper will be more potent than pepper that has been ground for some time. Add it to your meals, or take ¼ teaspoon with 1 teaspoon raw honey after lunch and dinner for three to five days.
  • Ground Mustard and Ginger in Honey

    • Ginger powder, ½ teaspoon
    • Ground Mustard powder, ½ teaspoon
    • Raw honey, 1 teaspoon
    Stir the dry herbs into the honey and eat slowly. These herbs help to warm the body and clear excess Kapha from the respiratory tract. This mixture can be taken two to three times per day to clear excess Kapha from the respiratory tract.







To learn more about wet and dry cough, click here

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[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]There are several other remedies you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will strengthen your support system naturally, without preservatives, additives, nasty chemicals, or food coloring.

To learn more on Yoga, tips for Asthma, the heart, digestive tract, weak space in the body, your doshas, Yogic breath, nostril breathing, and other general support for sinus and allergy relief – please visit the very well recommended Banyan Botanicals, this article is full of knowledge and free wisdom.

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