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Mindful Hellos

To our online space where we talk about all things health and wellness. This page talks a little bit about us. 


Hi, I'm Sami

Welcome to Mindful Hellos! Where you’ll find blogs from experts to freelancer writers in the fields of Holistic Health, & Ayurveda. We strive for our blogs to be not only comprehensive, but in fact scientific and educational with real life evidence. 

As a Creative Entrepreneur, I’m deeply connected to maintaining the balance between Work & Life. I am the Managing Partner, and Creative Director of Lambda Lion, a Creative Branding and Marketing agency in Portland, Oregon and trust me when I say ‘we could all focus more on our health, in a holistic manner. I hope you find what you are looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

We live by the principals of Ayurvedic Medicine (the sister science to Yoga) and strive for all of our blogs to embody this. Ayurvedic Medicine emphasizes on the balance and harmony in each individual.
That's something that everyone can all get on board with isn't it?
We believe the basic fundamentals can heal some of the deepest wounds, but also recognizing that diving deeper into our basics is sometimes all we need for ultimate balance.
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Talking about the whole body and what we can practice from a preventative approach, as opposed to treating one by one smyptoms.

From Nutrition to mindfulness, we cover a lot of bases here that can help the novice and remind the enthusiast.

Our most popular category discussing topics from food, beverages, recipes, mindfulness, yoga & fitness, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and more. Specifically how to apply these practices to your every day lifestyle.


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