Meet Sami Sattva

Founder & Multimedia Producer β€’ Mindful Hellos & Lambda Lion
A serial entrepreneur, high-level content creator, and & multimedia producer at Mindful Hellos and Lambda Lion. Passionate about Ayurvedic wellness and combining creativity for a holistically balanced lifestyle.

H Hello! I give many thanks to having you visit this page. I’m Sami, a heart-centered entrepreneur. I’m motivated by making a difference and am driven by ancient wisdom.
I’m the creator & lead writer behind Mindful Hellos – with an eternal passion for Alternative Medicine. I am currently undergoing official education with Kerala Ayurveda Academy (United States) to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner but have also studied Ayurveda and other holistic medicine for the past 4.5 years

Some of my areas of interest are focused on internal healing. I strive to be an influencer on Mindfulness while guiding others into seeing their own pure potential, along with keeping them aware of the simple and effective ways to be healthy and whole. 

I consider myself to be a hybrid entrepreneurial millennial who combines not only editorial aspects with blogging and creative deep-rooted recommendations but I also provide education and resources for optimal Mindfulness and Creativity by way of Ancient Wisdom/Medicine to the Modern world.  
On the flipside, I’m a high vibrational creative who formerly spent 12 years as an entrepreneur in the arts (music and fashion industries) and obtained education for Bachelor of Applied Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising from International Academy of Design and Technology and Associate in Graphic Design which I still use to this day.
My focus was primarily the multimedia production company that I developed from the ground up. It housed a pool of dancers that learned high energy choreography, how to be more of a poised model for freelance job opportunities, were sourced out as models for fashion shows & music videos, + a burlesque inspired dancewear label specifically for performing artists where I designed and handcrafted head-to-toe gear as a seamstress. 

I don’t live that life anymore, but I sure do reminisce back on it a lot and am grateful for the outlet of creative expression I had. β™₯






Mindful Hellos is essentially an umbrella. It allows me to operate this educational blog but it also serves as my outlet as a small business development coach. I gravitate towards startups because I have successfully built some of my own and understand what it takes which then fuels me to fuel others’ passion. 

As a business development specialist, I generally specialize within e-commerce within the health and wellness fields but also to any heart-centered entrepreneurs out there that I can resonate with. Additionally, my work extends to the new health coaches and bloggers who are working to get their practice/business off the ground.

In any of the above typical settings, I will dissect the groundwork one currently has, and help them not only identify with their niche and how to connect with it, but also provide empowerment to connect with their innate strength and fuel the fire that one can succeed without me after the project is complete. 

For more info, contact me for a free consultation to discuss how exactly I can foster your abilities.


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