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Welcome to Monday Mantras & Coffee Talk! Hosted by Classy, Sassy, and a Bit Smartassy & Her Sailing Soul. Where we talk about goals for the week and sip on our favorite coffee!

[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]I have always loved Mondays. For me personally, I tend to go against the grain in most situations and typically strive to have positive outlooks no matter what the situation may be. And seeing how Monday is one of those days that people use an excuse to be grumpy, bitter, or pissed off – I am the opposite. I use Monday as a catalyst to set my intentions for the week and start it off the way I want to; not on anyone else’s terms. Just mine. I set no meetings, interviews, appointments, or gym time on Mondays because I would rather flow with the wind and go wherever the energy takes me. If I want to run errands, great. If I want to sit in the spa all day, I allow it. This allows me to open my week up knowing that I’m taking care of myself first.

[su_dropcap]T[/su_dropcap]It would be too cliche of me to say “I’m busy” and this week has been nuts.” But the truth is, I’ve manifested a lot. Things are the way they are because I wanted them to be. I brought them here. Only I have control over this, just as you have control over your reality. To me, self care – self love – self help – personal development is held incredibly high in my books. Some may think it’s an act of selfishness, but its actually an act of higher consciousness. A true connection to your inner strength while nurturing the divine within. Our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. Without this, we may feel lost. ♥

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Finish up the Mellow and About Time campaigns through Clever Girls Collective & Fitfluential.
  2. Finalize the shipping of my Spa Kit Sweepstakes and send it out to the lucky winner!
  3. Start the Everlast Nutrition ambassador campaign over the next two weeks! (Discount Code: BeMindful) 
  4. Prepare for the month of August, this is the last week of July! ⇐ Scary.
  5. Twitter Chat on Wednesday hosted by our Show Your Blog Love blogger group
  6. Continue blog sponsoring for Classy, Sassy, & a Bit Smartassy, and Fitliving Blog!
  7. Begin drafting my exercise science/fitness guest blog for Fitliving Blog
  8. Begin integrating ADIDAS into my blog as I have become an official affiliate partner! I’ve been accepted for about a week now, and today I got my first email from the ADIDAS Affiliate Manager (not mass email). I will be writing more on this soon, but know that I grew up with ADIDAS throughout my sports career and it’s an amazing honor. (Thank you universe ♥)

My Mantras & Intentions For the Week

The creative power that fulfills our needs

  • Be noise free via Meditation. Behind the noise of our internal chatter is deep awareness. Once a day. 20 minutes.
  • Stay centered. Juggling can cause imbalance. Stay on the path and block outside negative frequencies.
  • Do more Yoga. That’s it, just do more of it. However, whenever, just do it.
  • Live in the wisdom of uncertainty. I do not need all the answers, relinquish the fear of the unknown. Flow, and Trust.
  • I am Fearless. I am Light. I am Change.

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No matter how experienced of a driver you are, its still necessary to go back to the basics and learn. The easiest place to learn mindfulness is through meditation. 

Cup of black coffee and red rose.

“Self Love requires courage. Have the strength to be who you are in the world that tries desperately to make a difference. Never compromise to be who you are not.”


Sami from Be Mindful

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  • Chelsea Lynn

    I love your goals!! I might even steal some of them.. lol.
    Chelsea //

  • I absolutely love your mantras! What a great way to internalize and externalize positivity and light! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your goals!

  • Cassidy Ciazza Morelli

    I happen to adore Mondays as well

  • Love your Coffee talk and congratulations on your deal with Adidas!

  • Liz

    Awesome goals – congrats on Adidas – that is so cool!

  • Ha-ha! Thank you! Hey no worries. I wore them too! As a former competitive soccer player I was suited up from head to toe from practices to tournaments to post game loungewear + our balls and gear, in ADIDAS. I think even m swimwear was ADIDAS at one point. My most favorite memory was those open toed slip on shoes with the squishies under the feet. Omg those were heaven after a game of futbol! ⬅ ha. I should have been a sponsored athlete.

  • Antonio Vereen

    Yay on Adidas! Loved wearing them when I grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. Even wore the track suits! I am telling my age now. 🙂

  • Valerie Hansen

    very true, and good thought to ponder!

  • Absolutely wonderful for you and her!! What a great example of a mother. Thank you!
    PS its okay to be lazy sometimes 😉

  • Agreed! Unfortunately people thrive on feeling shitty! Or being mad. Or sad. Or hurt. Like attracts like, and until we as people mentally draw in the good – its likely it’ll pass us by because we’re too busy holding onto negative emotions. This also falls into the bandwagon thing I mentioned, people follow others… And energy is exchangeable. So when people are mad, its contagious. Stay happy and smile at others, it will create a ripple effect!❤

  • Thanks sweetie xoxo

  • Whatever works for you 🙂 I believe that sticking to daily goals are great, but they must be set ahead of time. Weekly goals is a lot less pressure, because time flies and how often are we wishing for more hours in the day?!

  • LOVE all of your goals! Making me feel very lazy this week lol. I especially love the unplug idea, my daughter and I have been working on doing that for the last few weeks and you know it’s been fantastic, we’re actually realising how much time we have been wasting that we could be doing awesome things with. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  • Valerie Hansen

    Great Post Sami, again! I like the “noise free” Idea, I don’t unplug too much , need to more often.! Weekly goals are great, I guess I go more by daily goals, sometimes it’s just trying to get through the day…ha ha…these days anyways…so busy! Hugs to you!

  • I’m like you, I try to see the potential for the week ahead then trying to be in a bad mood. Being in a bad mood doesn’t do you or anyone else any good so why do it?

  • fitlivingblog

    What a great quote!! That might just have to become my new daily mantra. Can’t wait to see what you come up with in your blog post and thanks for all of the blog love support!

  • its a goner. :'( lol!

  • It’s my pleasure to have inspired you <3 Try it out, it feels empowering! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • *bashful smiling* thanks so much!!! Thank you. Just what if, they see my blogs, and want to even share it. That alone can open doors. Maybe they’ll ask me to write for them 🙂 <— gah!
    FALL IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!! Why? One word: THIGH HIGHS! haha. Ooops that's two words.

  • Thats amazing!!! I love it. Surprised something like that is at Hallmark!

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I can’t believe it’s the end of July already! I like your last mantra. I saw a sign at Hallmark the other day that said “Only the fearless can be great.” That quote has been sticking with me this week.

  • July has flew by and it’s making me happy because that means my birthday is coming up & fall is around the corner. It’s my favorite. I’m seriously happy you got the Adidas affiliate program. You will do amazing things with the brand.

  • July flew by! I’m not ready for the kids to go back to school just yet! This list makes me realize I need to start doing this exact thing on Sundays. Such a great idea.

  • Yay, Coffee Talk! 😉

    You are so right about August being scary– where has July gone?????!!!