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Time flies when you’re making moves! Moves in life that is. If you want something, get it. It’s simple – think it, believe it, speak it, and watch it appear! With that being said, we have manifested quite the handful of new happenings that we’re incredibly thankful for and would love to share a few things with you: discounts, specials, and sales from our partners!: 

  • First and Foremost we would like to announce the soon to launch mind and body product line: Botanica Body; herbal, organic, and 100% therapeutic body care & wellness supplements including personalized tea blends for a healthier & more stable mind and body. Botanica Body has been in the works for over a year and is ready to show its face to all of you! It’s main purpose derived as supplements recommended during Sami’s wellness programs for her students but will remain on the market for those who are not working directly with Sami. We will be using the finest herbs and oils to ensure optimal quality and safety.The domain BotanicaBody.us will soon go live. For personalized blends, email Sami at Hello@BeMindfulYoureCreative.com

Botanica Body - herbal organic skincare coming soon


  • We would like to further announce that we are now officially ambassadors with Everlast Nutrition. The preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, Everlast, is a global leader in the design of authentic boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness related equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories and has recently launched a Nutrition element offering Proteins (also Vegan), safe & non toxic performance enhancement supplements, women’s health, metabolism boosters, appetite controllers more. Please use our code: BEMINDFUL at checkout to receive discounts + free shipping over 20$, (click image below to be redirected)

New Everlast Nutrition! Free Shipping on 20+



  • We are currently running a campaign with MostFit Workouts + Fitfluential and we invite you to check out their affordable and efficient fitness equipment. We’ve been having such a fun and creative time using the #CoreHammer & #SynRings! They are so portable you can just put them in the car and head out to your nearest outdoor workout. We’ve been using the Core Hammer a lot, which is the equivalence to the sledge hammer, tire workout. I’m sure you’ve seen those super athletic fitness enthusiasts flipping massive tonka truck tires around for a workout right? Well this is similar, but safer, without bulky tires, and it’s – again – portable. The Core Hammer is meant to engage muscles and challenge the cardiovascular system, and is perfect for athletes, fitness savvy people, or even the casual exerciser. It only weighs 8 lbs!  The other piece of equipment is a bit more advanced, that is the MostFit SYN Rings | Olympic Bar Attachments. They allow the user to suspend weight plates from any olympic weightlifting bar creating instability, forcing the user to engage more core and stability muscles and overall increase strength. The plates can move in all directions and in circular motions. So, if you’re a beginner weightlifter – you can suspend lighter weights. Again these are portable so you’re not stuck to the gym feeling awkward while you’re learning how to lift. Grab a friend who can be a spotter and you and your syn rings can hit the park for an outdoor lifting session. Quite marvelous if you ask me! Click the image below to be redirected to view more portable, affordable equipment such as resistance bands & tubes, suspension straps (like TRX), plyometric box (amazing) and more!

Most-Fit affordable and effective fitness equipment!


To order a free catalog – click here

Click the image below to be redirected to browse for health supplements. To learn more about the Ayurvedic lifestyle and how you can incorporate this into your life – Sami is running a 4 week program for $57.00 and will guide you through a process of how to eat foods designed for your specific body chemical makeup, how to incorporate herbs designed for your body, how to cool or aid digestive dires, and address other natural therapies for even the common cold & sinus. Please email Sami – 3 emails are complimentary at Hello@BeMindfulYoureCreative.com

Banyan Botanicals - Organic Herbs


click the image below to be taken to all the amazing deals and discounted health products now!

Low cost high quality health products & essential oils!


  • We have teamed up with Bohemian style jewelry company Rustic Souls and have a discount code for all of you! This is a one woman show who hand crafts these gorgeous elegant pieces. Rustic Souls jewelry is high quality healing stones, gems, and beads integrated with brass, silver, gold, and other wire wrapping. Use code: BeMindful at checkout to receive 10% off anything on both sites: Rustic-Souls.com & Rustic Souls EtsyClick the image below to be redirected to start shopping and saving!


  • The newest affiliate partner! We’re ecstatic to represent Yoga and Athletic apparel company Luna Jai Athletic! Unique HANDCRAFTED high fashion with a high performance comfort – based in the US but ships worldwide. They’ve got some amazing design and we’re proud to have been fans for quite some time now! To represent them is something we are grateful for. No codes to remember, just always click through from us to show your support in our blog, brand, and our output of positive energy. Click the image below to be redirected to their collections.

Luna Jai Athletic Apparel - handcrafted quality high fashion performance wear!


  •  Okay just kidding, Fitness Republic is the newest affiliate partner! a vibrant, active online community dedicated to help people get physically active, eat better, and live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Whether you are training for a competition, maintaining good overall health, looking for expert fitness advice or need motivation in life, you’ll find everything on fitness republic where we aim to make your life fun and easy through our efforts. ONLINE FITNESS STORE – YOUR FITNESS HUB of fitness equipment represents good quality and expert selected versions of fitness equipment. The offerings cover Yoga, Pilates, Resistance Training, and Boot camp/Outdoor and many more.

Fitness Republic - Your online fitness store with low prices!


Fitness Republic - Your online fitness store with low prices!



  • We have teamed up with Healthy Positive Lifestyle Network (soon to be non-profit) community that’s a wellness education network, a video and podcast resource of holistic practitioners and will be hosts and a main face for the network. We’re thrilled, so you’ll be seeing us live in the near future! This is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona so if you live in the area – let’s chat if you’re interested in joining the network. We will have more info on this soon, but the ball is already rolling and you can expect more updates soon. Click here to learn more: Healthy Positive Lifestyle Network


We are still official ambassadors/social media influencers with Fitfluential, Clever Girls Collective, Linqia, and Blogher. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have found some new goodies to bring into your healthy, happy, mindful life. 

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