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T Welcome! By visiting this page I presume you have some interest in working with me and my blog or business. What did you have in mind? There are several options for us. Let’s talk.
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  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Product Reviews or Giveaways
  • [Sponsored] Blog / Influence / Social Media Campaigns
  • On-going or Long-term Sponsorships and Ambassadorships
  • Twitter Chats as Host or Panelist
  • Sponsored content (including single link redirects or bundle)


You might ask: “What exactly does this mean?” In short, this encompasses the areas of strategic analysis, creative marketing, branding, and sales. 

  • If you are an e-commerce brand …. (in short) established or small business I would include analyzing your online shop and tweaking as necessary from a web development enhancement and/or graphics.
    I would also include branding identification, marketing strategies to ultimately increase your sales. If none of those are needed I would inspect what it is exactly you need and go from there.
    Potentially, creative or social media campaigns will be all discussed as I believe all businesses will benefit from that. These packages start at $1,100
  • If you are a small business (non-e-commerce) … (in short) whether a brick & mortar or established wellness coach etc, someone like you would come to me to either re-brand, or identify marketing strategies, both, or implement new and improved strategies that align with your target market. This also includes a social media evaluation and up to 3 new shareable graphics for you. These packages start at $750.
  • If you are a blogger or a new wellness coach  … (in short) I would assist you in identifying your business (or blog) with branding and niche focus along with strategies on how to best connect with it. These packages start at $500. 
  • 30-60 min initial consultations are Free β™₯ Thereafter, are $50 flat accepted via paypal if you don’t already have a package with me.

If you are outside the above-mentioned categories and still feel that I can help you – let’s talk to determine that!

Email to request the media kit and to start discussing collaboration.

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